Powder coated aluminum extrusion

-Matches sidewall
-Exceptional weathering
-Scratch resistant

No exposed screws through sidewall

-Easier to seal, less leaks
-No plastic screw cover
-Faster installation (instructions)

Continuous extrusion hinges

-Exceptional durability over piano hinges
-Eliminates water streaking common on piano hinges
-Seals better

Flush, flat fit against sidewall

-Better aesthetics
-Less leaks
-Easy to seal

EPDM Weather-stripping

-Automotive type weather-stripping
-High performance pressure sensitive tape
-Excellent resistance to water

Bonded with Polyurethane Reactive Hot Melt (100% solids/ 100% coverage)

-Strongest laminating technology on the market
-Environmentally friendly
-No delamination in high temperatures




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